Kandi Fuck Yeah!
Why did you quit raving?


Because honestly? It is stupid.
At least in Washington. The rave scene is fucking stupid up here.
It’s full of 15 year olds who do too many drugs and blow 20 year old dudes. Also, 80% of the rave scene is pure drama.
It’s stupid, it ruins the points of raves.

Also, I just grew out of it. I quit raving, quit doing hard drugs and -gasp- MY LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE BETTER ;D.
I’m not blowing $50 per rave so I have cash for other things now, my skin doesn’t look like shit anymore from the drugs and I’m not involved in stupid shit.
Sure, I used to be into some drama in the scene, but it’s so childish and stupid.
The thing ravers in Washington don’t realize is the shit they do now, all the the rave status and ‘street kid’ status or whatever the fuck..DOESN’T APPLY IN THE REAL WORLD. You know, the real world? The one where people work, go to school, take care of themselves? Nah, these people wouldn’t understand that. All they care about is being cool and on the streets and doing all the hard drugs  they can and fighting so and so and drama, drama, drama.

Stfu grow up.

Another thing, I realized how much I missed my life! Before raving, I was into so much; going to small shows (I MISSED HOUSE SHOWS SO MUCH), DIY/SEWING/CRAFTING (Which was a huge part of my life), hanging out outside of dark rooms with shitty music, electronic music playing, the music I used to love. I missed everything so much. I miss just doing what makes me happy.

Fuck Washington Raves.
I am le through~

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Fuck Washington Raves.
Fuck Them all. ;D

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